Luxury Condo NYC - Apartments in New York

New York City (NYC) is the cultural capital of the world and has the largest population of all the cities in the USA, with people living in condos and apartments in most of the 5 boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

NYC has drawn people to it for its rich culture and appeal to the arts, for its history and grew by the five boroughs merging into one, centred on one of the largest harbours on the planet.

There is a selection of luxury NYC condos and apartments for sale and rent throughout NYC.

Manhattan condos

Manhattan (pictured above) is the oldest of the boroughs, located mainly on Manhattan island, at the mouth of Hudson River.  It encompasses the adjacent islands - Roosevelt Island, Randall's Island, Governors Island, Wards Island and Liberty Island.

If you live in an apartment in Manhattan, then you will look out on an incredible cityscape, which is also a major commericial and cultural center in the USA, having inspired many films, books and plays.

The famous and largest skyscrapers in NYC (which are primarily commerical properties, rather than luxury apartments) include:

    American International Building
    Bloomberg Tower
    Carnegie Hall Tower
    City Spire Center
    Chrysler Building
    40 Wall Street
    The Empire State Building
    MetLife Building
    One Chase Manhattan Plaza

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